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RCF SUB 8003-AS II - Active 18” sub, 1,100 watts RMS, 135dB, advanced control panel. Loud, proud bass bins for when you want your music to move the crowd.

This is the seriously upgraded version of the original RCF 8003 active sub. The first one was a great sub; this is even better. The key points are:

1.  Uprated Amplifier; 1,100 watt RMS power amp (the same amp module as the magnificent TT22 and TT25)

2.  135dB output – even louder!

3.  Easier to carry even though its slightly bigger (6mm higher and 3mm wider) as its 5.5kgs LIGHTER – at just 43.5kgs…. that’s not a lot for a powerful 18inch active sub. Castors are an easy-fit option so you can wheel your sub about).

4.  Advanced control panel:

    a.  take the frequency response down to either 30Hz or 40Hz. Going as low as 30Hz

    b.  set the crossover for the output to your mid/top speakers at 60Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz or 125Hz

    c.  special settings for running 2 or 3 of the subs in ‘cardioid’ mode to enhance bass response for the audience but limit it behind the speakers

    d.  apply ‘delay’ to compensate for up to 20metres difference in distance

The new control panel on the RCF 8003- AS II is a huge advance on the previous model but requires more knowledge to use it to its full potential. When you order your 8003-AS II from us you’ll get training & support to make sure you fully understand how to use the control panel. You’ll even get an out-of-hours number in case you need any help when you’re at a gig.

With the level of support you’ll get and the affordability of the new range of RCF subs, you can now add serious bass to your sound system.


    FREQUECY RESPONSE: 30Hz to 120Hz (adjustable)

    MAX SPL: 135dB

    DRIVER: 18” with a 4” voice coil

    AUDIO CONNECTIONS: 3pin XLR in and out, Left & Right.

    MAINS CONNECTIONS: powercon in and out

    PROTECTIONS: thermal & RMS (heat and power levels) plus dynamic Limiter

    AMPLIFIER POWER: 1,100 watts RMS (or 2,200 watts peak if you want to boast about power ratings!)

    COOLING: convection – so no fans (much better)

    DIMENSIONS: 694mm high, 523mm wide and 700mm deep

    CABINET: Baltic Birch Ply

    NOTE: the 8003 has threaded fittings to take a set of castor wheels.

    POLE MOUNT: 35mm drop-in fitting

    HANDLES: recessed in left & right sides

    WEIGHT: 43.5kg

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  • Brand: RCF
  • Product Code: SUB 8003-AS
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
  • £1,311.00

  • Ex VAT: £1,092.50

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