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What is it?

The Vertus CLA System 1 comes as a package comprising of 2 sub units and two top/array columns, plus stands and mounting brackets. The system is capable of delivering crisp and full sound to around 200 people. Any more and you would most likely want to add more bass units.

The beauty of this system is the customisation possible - the flexibility to add more is where the system excels.

Key features:

High-level sound quality from 50Hz to 20kHz expressly developed for live performance

Long distance sound projection and better SPL distribution towards the audience

Dynamic power performance thanks to tri-amplification system

Lightweight and easy to carry

Design and elegance for an easy integration even in the most demanding installations

Very compact dimensions enable the listener to concentrate on sound and not on speakers

High horizontal dispersion

What can you use it for?

- You can comfortably use the full system at discos and parties for up to 200 people, providing an incredibly loud, clear and punchy sound.

- Perfect for bands wanting to fill a pub, live venue or wine bar etc...

- The small size means you could easily use this system in your bedroom if you wanted to, but you may want to check with the neighbours first!

RSDmusic says...

A fantastic speaker package. Delivering an excellent quality and quantity of sound from a very small, mobile setup. A brilliant system for any DJ looking to expand for bigger parties later, whilst keeping a high quality of frequency response for 200 people or less!

Build quality is fantastic, these durable little speakers pack a real punch and sound wicked!

Technical stuff....

Top Unit / Array Speaker -

400W + 100W RMS 122 / 125dB SPL Column Active Line Array

2-way bi-amplified Line Array Column

6 x 4" (100mm) custom woofer with 1" (25 mm) voice coil

4 x 1" (25mm) neodymium dome tweeter on waveguide

130Hz to 20KHz frequency response

Class D 400W RMS amplifier for LF and 100W RMS for HF with switch mode power supply

DSP processor with 4 available equalisation presets

Control panel with volume, presets, HP filter, Mic-Line, status LED

XLR input and Neutrik POWERCONN supply input at the lower part of the column; XLR link and Neutrik POWERCONN loop output at the higher part, in order to hide each connection cable

100 x 20 degree dispersion

Extruded-Aluminium powder-coated cabinets. Superior latching system, enables the extension of the length of the line array by adding CLA604A modules for increased modularity of the system.

Possibility to angle the columns of +/- 30 degree on a horizontal plane

Ideal for both live applications, assisted by the CLA 208SA active subwoofer, as well as for fixed installation

Easily expandable for a total power of 6600W (stereo system composed of 3 x CLA604A and 3 x CLA208SA)

Very light and easy to carry

Subwoofer / Bass Unit (Vertus CLA 208Sa):

600W RMS 125 / 129dB SPL Processed Active Subwoofer

Active subwoofer in bass-reflex design

2 x 8"(200mm) custom neodymium, high-excursion woofer with 2" (50 mm) voice coil

50Hz to 180Hz frequency response

Class D 600W RMS amplifier with switch mode power supply

DSP processor with 4 available presets

Control panel with combo XLR/Jack stereo input and link, XLR Hi-pass out stereo, volume, presets, 0-180deg phase switch, status LED

Neutrik POWERCONN input and link

15mm birch plywood enclosure with anti-scratch paint finish, stackable

M20 stand adapter, 2 integrated handles, front hardware to sustain CLA206LA modules

Suitable for low frequency extension and reinforcement of the CLA604A array, especially for live performance.

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FBT Vertus CLA System

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