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  • RCF ART 745-A

What is it? 

The RCF 7 Series are compact, lightweight and powerful ACTIVE Speakers. The 745-A is the latest addition, boasting a 500Watt RMS Amp for the 15" LF (low frequency) driver and a further 200Watt RMS amp for the HF (high frequency) Compression Horn. That's a 700W RMS Active Composite Cabinet Speaker!


1400 Watt Peak, 700 Watt RMS digital amplifier

133 dB max SPL 90 x 60, Wide dispersion constant directivity horn

15" NEO woofer, high power 3.5" voice coil

1.5” HF NEO driver, titanium dome, 4" voice coil

PFC power factor correction

DSP Processing 

What can you use it for? 

On their own for a medium PA system, with bass bins each side (see RCF 8003as) for bands or discos for audiences of up to 500 or so, background music or awesome fold-back speakers / stage monitors.

RSD Says... 

The ART 7 series brings serious power to the ART family. Each sized cabinet is specifically tailored to each sized woofer, so you'll get a marked increase in response and accuracy from the speaker.  If you need something portable with raw looks and a real punch, get one of these. 

The 745 is powerful enough to move some serious air. Usually we do not recommend 15 inch speakers as mid top units, or as a standalone full range. This is because you do not get much more bass from the 15 inch speaker than you do from a good 12. The only way to get good bass usually is a separate bass bin which is positioned on the floor.

15 inch speakers (unless they are extraordinarily well engineered and manufactured, and therefore very expensive) don’t usually have the agility to reproduce mid range frequencies accurately. This can give  a ’muddy’ sound and fool you into thinking it’s bass heavy, when all you’ve really got is a lack of clarity in the mid.

However, this speaker is different because it has a 4 inch voice coil compression driver for the top frequencies. Being so much bigger (4 inch is very large for a compression driver) the crossover point in the built-in amplifier is much lower (650Hz). This means that the 15 inch driver is tuned to deliver a very good bass response and any muddiness in the middle is eliminated because the compression driver is taking over from 650Hz.

What does all this technical stuff mean? This is a very usable speaker. It gives good clarity across the full frequency spectrum of almost all music, and it is VERY loud. No really, superbly loud. These are not cheap speakers but you can cover a lot of space and a lot of people with these, so they are good value. Stick a couple of 18inch active subs underneath each one, and you’ve got a very loud, very clear, very efficient full-range system. 

Technical Stuff.... 

Acoustical Specifications 

    Frequency Response -3 dB: 45 Hz - 20000 Hz

    Max SPL: 133 dB

    Horizontal coverage angle: 90deg

    Vertical coverage angle: 60deg

    Compression Driver: 1.5" neo, 4.0" v.c.

    Woofer: 15", 3.5" v.c.

Input/Output Section

    Input signal: Bal / unbal

    Input connectors: Combo xlr-jack

    Output connectors: xlr

    Input sensitivity: -2 dBu / +4 dBu

Processor Section

    Crossover frequencies: 650 Hz Protections: Thermal, rms

    Limiter: Soft limiter

    Controls: Volume, EQ shape

Amplifier Specifications

    Total power: 1400 W PEAK

    High frequencies: 400 W PEAK

    Low frequencies: 1000 W PEAK

    Total power: 700 W RMS

    High frequencies: 200 W RMS

    Low frequencies: 500 W RMS

    Cooling: Convection / forced

    Connections: VDE connector in


    Cabinet Material: Composite PP

    Hardware: 2xM10 flying p.

    Handles: 2 side, 1 top

    Pole Mount/Cap: Yes

    Colour: Black

Physical Specifications

    Height: 708 / 27.87 mm/inch

    Width: 437 / 17.2 mm/inch 

    Depth: 389 / 15.31 mm/inch

    Net Weight: 19.6 / 43.2 kg/lbs

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  • Brand: RCF
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