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Sound & Lighting gear...
...we'll help you get it right

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About Us

Sound & Lighting gear for Musicians, DJs, Sound Engineers and Venues.

internet prices with the personal touch ..

Sound & Lighting gear is a series of decisions and even compromises.

To get the best answers to your needs, starting with the source of the music to the sound coming out of your speakers, is a chain that can be complex. All the way through this chain, different performance or quality criteria, size, weight, compatibility with other gear, price ... will all figure in your final selection.

And once you have the sound part sorted, there is lighting - from some simple stage lighting through to stunning lightshows.

But there are so many different makes, brands and options out there!

What is the best answer for you?

At RSDmusic our aim is to help you get a realistic answer to your Sound & Lighting needs. We have a range of products in all our product categories that we know work well. But we can provide you much more than that.

Our help and advice is free and willingly given.

Yes we have pretty good prices, but with that comes a personal touch that we are told is usually missing from "internet box shifters".

If the best answer for you isn't in our current range then we will either get it for you or tell you where you can find it. We aim to build our business on a foundation of happy customers and we can''t do that unless you have the best answer for you - regardless of where that comes from.

We are available on the phone, via email or in person in Somerset - we can demonstrate but require a bit of notice.


Phone: 01963 407055

If you want to visit us, we are in Wincanton, just of the A303 about 30 minutes from Stonehendge.

Our opening hours are 9 to 5 Monday to Friday and closed at the weekend. But we pick up phone messages so don't hesitate to leave one.

All about me - the ''Davey'' behind the RealSlim .

A very long time ago, when Noah was a lad and the internet hadn''t been created, my hobby was electronics. Just basic stuff, but I loved playing around with amplifiers and simple gadgets. Then I saw a mobile DJ at work and thought two things: one was that "all the girls are talking to him" and the other was "I could build that". So I built one. And while waiting for the girls to talk to me; discovered music.

So after DJing as a student I became a BTIMC (big time international management consultant) and went all over the world spouting business plans and profit improvement strategies. I also tried to play guitar. And much later - just for fun - went to night school to learn clever Sound Engineer stuff.

So now I''m back where I want to be ... a lot slimmer and having real fun helping people with Sound & Lighting Gear.

Dave - the RealSlimDavey

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