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Sound & Lighting gear...
...we'll help you get it right

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Hands-on demonstrations

If you want to experience Sound & Lighting Gear 'in the flesh' rather than rely on YouTube, visit our showroom in Eversley (Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey borders between the M3 and M4). You'll get a warm welcome and a hands-on demonstration of a great range of sound & lighting gear.

The extremes of sound and lighting are all on demo at the RSDmusic showroom!

You will also find a lot more sound & lighting gear in-between the extremes of price and performance.... sound & lighting gear for all pockets.

We can almost always find you the right gear for your needs at the right price. Come along to the showroom or call us on 0118 330 0055. If you can't come and visit us, we can still talk you through pretty much anything on the phone. As we are demonstrating gear every day, we can help you with any questions you have on a huge range of sound & lighting gear. Talking with someone who has plugged it in and used it will often give you a much better understanding than just looking at a video, and that's what we aim to do.

Visit Us

Call us on 0118 330 0055
Church Farm Business Centre,
Eversley, Hampshire
RG27 0PX

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