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  • BOSE L1 Model 1S with B2 Bass Module

What is it?

The Bose L1 Model 1S portable vertical array system forms part of the Bose L1 family of compact PA systems designed for live music, music playback, speeches and A/V sound. This system uses 12 articulated drivers stacked in a column, meaning a more efficient speaker with massive dispersion and throw. The design means you realistically get a 180 degree spread of sound with half the drop in loudness as you move away from it vs. a normal loudspeaker.


Key features:

Self powered two-way compact design

Built-in automatic crossover and dynamic limiter

Wide, uniform sound coverage from front-to-back

Breaks down into lightweight sections with bags included

Expandable with T1 ToneMatch and different bass modules



This configuration of the L1 Model 1S includes the more powerful B2 bass module (effectively 2 x B1 modules combined) to give a fuller, deeper bass response. See our other configurations as the L1 Model 1S can support any of the following:

1 x B1 bass module for compact, warm bass

2 x B1 bass modules for fuller bass with added versatility

1 x B2 bass module for deeper bass


What can you use it for?


Musicians and bands as replacement for backline, monitors and PA

DJs and event companies for compact music playback

Any public address or high quality, wide spread sound reproduction


This system will comfortably provide sound for up to 200 people (sitting quietly!), any more and you will need to add another side or bass module. On its own this system is perfect for any solo musician playing pubs, clubs or wine bars.



RSD says...


We don't need to tell you about the Bose name. They have become known for the highest quality products and design - these speakers are no different. You will hear a clear, consistent sound even off to the extreme sides, and with the different configurations there is a beautiful L1 system for every application.


The L1 concept was originally conceived by Bose for musicians as a replacement for backline, monitors and front-of-house - the idea stemming from the way in which an orchestra works. Each musician would have their own configuration of L1 system, meaning they had the perfect sound reproduction for their instrument.


What quickly became apparent was that the L1 design works perfectly as a replacement for traditional PA, and many DJs and event companies use different combinations of the systems for excellent public address and music playback - with some of the sexiest looking speakers around!


Technical stuff...


INCLUDED: L1 Model 1S top array and bottom extension, L1 Model 1S Power stand, B2 Bass module


System Performance

System Type:  Self powered, two-way

Frequency Response: (+/-3 dB) 1  40 Hz - 12 kHz

Frequency Range: (-10 dB) 1  32 Hz - 14 kHz

Nominal Dispersion:  195deg H x 10deg V

Maximum SPL @ 1 m:  112 dB SPL (118 dB SPL peak)

Crossover Frequency:  200 Hz (24 dB / octave)



System Power Rating:  375 W

Low-Frequency Amplifier:  250 W

High-Frequency Amplifier:  125 W

Distortion at Rated Power:  0.1 % Max (30 Hz - 15 kHz)

System Limiter:  Dynamic limiter

Overload Protection:  Fuse/MOV/NTC/PTC

Power Indicator:  Blue LED: system on, Red LED: fault



Driver Compliment:  Top array loudspeaker: Twelve (12) 2.25" (57 mm) HF drivers

B1 bass module: Two (2) 5.25" (133 mm) LF drivers (8 Ω)

B2 bass module: Two (2) 10" (254 mm) LF drivers (4 Ω)



Signal Indicators:  Analog signal/clip LED: Green: signal present, Yellow: -3 dB below clip, Red: clip (limiter active)

Trim:  +14 dB @ max

Input:  1/4" - TS unbalanced or TRS balanced

Channel Gain: (1/4" input)  -50 dB to +28 dB (line)

Maximum Input Signal:  +24 dBu (balanced)

Input Impedance:  10 kΩ +/- 10 % (unbalanced)


Additional Connections

Bass Module out (for B1 or B2 only):  NL4 connector (all pins wired, two for auto sensing). Bass output signal for driving up to two B1 bass modules (1 B1 bass module = 8 Ω) (2 B1 bass modules = 4 Ω) or one B2 bass module (4Ω)

ToneMatch Port:  CAT5 Ethernet cable with RJ45 connection providing digital audio and power connection for the optional T1 ToneMatch audio engine

AC Mains:  IEC connector



Enclosure:  Power Stand: Polypropylene cover with cast aluminium legs and steel chassis base

Loudspeaker array and bottom extension: Aluminium enclosure with ABS baffle

Grille:  Powder-coated perforated steel

Dimensions:  Assembled height: 79.4" (2018 mm)

Net Weight:  Top array and bottom extension: 25 lb (11.3 kg)

Power Stand: 23.7 lb (10.7 kg)

B1 bass module: 26.6 lb (12.1 kg)

B2 bass module: 45 lb (20.41 kg)

Shipping Weight:  Top array and bottom extension: 32.25 lb (14.6 kg)

Power Stand: 32 lb (14.5 kg)

B1 bass module: 30 lb (13.6 kg)

B2 bass module: 52.2 lb (23.67 kg)


USA/Canada:  100-120 V 50 / 60 Hz 500 W

Europe:  220-240 V 50 / 60 Hz 500 W

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BOSE L1 Model 1S with B2 Bass Module

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